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To help consumers achieve greater economic success through credit and financial education along with sustainable solutions to reflect changing lifestyles.

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when facing struggles with debt and financial challenges. We provide guidance, support, and education to help individuals and families regain control of their credit, finances, and achieve their goals.

Our approach thought is different.

We offer an individualized process to provide a roadmap that gives our customers solutions, options, education, expertise to give them options to reach their goals.

A beacon of hope for those who are facing difficult financial circumstances.

Our expertise and compassion make a real difference in the lives of those we serve, and our commitment to helping our clients improve their financial well-being is what we strive for day to day. 

We recognize that financial challenges and credit challenges often go hand in hand. Many consumers who are struggling with debt also have credit issues that are holding them back from achieving their goals. To address both of these challenges, it’s important to take a comprehensive approach to credit counseling.

This means not only helping you develop a budget and a plan to pay off your debts, but also providing guidance on how to improve their credit score and manage your credit effectively. This includes educating you on the factors that impact your credit score, helping your dispute errors on your credit report, and providing tips on how to use credit responsibly.

By addressing both financial and credit challenges, we can help consumers achieve their goals and improve their overall financial well-being. This approach requires a deep understanding of both financial and credit issues, as well as a commitment to providing personalized guidance and support to you.


Starting Now's counselors offer a range of benefits to consumers who are struggling with debt and financial challenges. Here are some of the key benefits:

Credit Score Improvement

We help consumers understand the factors that impact their credit score and develop strategies to improve it.

Budgeting and Financial Education

We provide guidance on how to create a budget, manage expenses, and save money. We help consumers develop a plan to pay off their debts and achieve financial stability.

Credit Negotiations

We guide you during the negotiation process with creditors to reduce interest rates, waive fees, reduce payment and/or develop payment plans.


We give emotional support and guidance to consumers who are struggling with financial stress and anxiety.

We also partner with other very reliable and caring nonprofits who have expertise in debt management plans, which can lower interest rates and monthly payments on credit card debt. and student loans assistance. Overall, Starting Now can help consumers regain control of their finances, reduce their debt, and improve their credit score. It offers a range of benefits that can help individuals and families achieve their financial goals and improve their overall quality of life.

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