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Matt P. Jan 4th 2016


As a Credit Health Club member, you will learn important survival lessons and have them explained in detail. Similar lessons will be taught throughout our 36 chapter 7 Deadly Sins financial education guide. Here are just a few from Chapter 14.


  • Do pay your bills on time.
  • Do keep credit cards balances low (try to keep balances under 1/3 of your current credit limit.
  • Do pay off debt rather than opening and moving balances between credit cards.
  • Do apply and open new credit cards (ONLY when NEEDED).
  • Do check your credit report at least once a year for accuracy and completeness of information.


  • Don’t max your credit cards.
  • Don’t miss a credit card payment. Missing a payment because you forgot not only impacts your credit score negatively, but also can affect your interest rate for that card.
  • Don’t have your credit report pulled multiple times within a short period. Go prepared and know where you stand when you are looking to purchase something on credit.