About Us

“47% of Americans do not know how they would pay for a $400 emergency”

Federal Reserve Board latest survey

The Credit Health Club is like going to the gym to take care of your physical self. As many Americans see the benefits of regular exercise almost half pay little to no attention to their financial wellbeing. Cash strapped, they can’t even meet an emergency of $400 without selling something they own or borrowing from family and friends.

But just like the exercises you learn at the gym for good physical health, there are many life-changing exercises you can learn that will make your financial health better. It’s all about knowing how. And that’s why we created the Credit Health Club. After years of one on one teaching experience on the ‘How To-s of securing your financial future, we saw an opportunity to share our knowledge with a larger audience who were in desperate need of help. We began by creating a team of successful professionals. All with extensive backgrounds in building Credit Health resulting in customers who no longer ‘live on the financial edge.’

We even created a self-help information package of 36 chapters called The 7 Deadly Credit Sins. It’s a ‘what you need to know’ information package of Tips and financial explanations to be used as a guide to your Credit Health.

Members get chapter 1 “The pay later system of borrowing and what you need to know” absolutely free as well as a table of contents explaining the remaining 35 chapters in the guide.

At the Credit Health Club, we are committed to helping people escape from the agony of financial limbo and the disastrous effects of continually living on the edge.


February 24, 2018